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who we are

Do Sports Right

Coaching, training, refereeing, events, and more. We strive to provide a level of service that our competitors simply can’t match. Our dedication, experience and professionalism create long-lasting relationships that we are proud to develop as our clients reach their full potential.


what we do

Schedule a single session for your self, your child or find the package that makes the most sense for you.


Our Mission

Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount to us and we are relentless in that pursuit. We promote an active, creative and healthy lifestyle that adapts to the demand of the ever evolving sports industry. Simply put, we provide the best so you can be your best.



About Us


Apex Athletics was founded by Curtis Moses to create a central hub for providing a variety of sports services in New York City. Working closely with Youth Programs, Adult Leagues and Fitness Partners, Apex Athletics has the experience to facilitate all your Sports needs ranging from Personal Training to Corporate Team Building. We are empowered by our networks in the local community, professional talent, and our pursuit to establish ourselves as an identity associated with the very best. This is Apex Athletics.